Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Royal Poinsiana trees blooming now

Hello folks, Welcome back to NATIVE AND EXOTIC PLANTS OF FLORIDA. This post is about a beautiful tree that is blooming right now all over South West Florida, The Royal Poinciana tree (Delonix regia) is from Madagascar off the coast of Africa.This is a very rapid growing tree and when it blooms it has a beautiful orange canopy that really stands out. It grows in almost any soil but is very sensitive to freeze damage. It also has a strap like long seed pod and is very messy to keep clean but the beauty of this tree is well worth the work. All Royal Poinciana trees bloom at the same time so they are easy to pick out in a landscape. People always ask me at this time of year "What are those orange colored trees?" Well they are an Exotic tree called the Royal Poinciana.