Saturday, September 11, 2010

up all night

Hey Folk's

This is my blog on Native and exotic plants of Florida. Here I am sitting up all night. Let me tell you about my late fathers Carambola (Averrahoa carambola) Tree. My dad planted the tree right in the front yard near the driveway and it has flourished since. It bares fruit, called star fruit because of the shape, a couple times a year. They are messy at first but they break down in my fire pit fairly quickly. If you ever get a star fruit rest assured there are only two flavors. Sweet and sour. We have the sweet variety so they are pretty good. They are a very good source of vitamin C. You can bake them in bread with some raisins and nuts and that is pretty tasty. As an exotic plant of Florida they grow fairly tall. Right now mine is about 15' tall and still growing. It takes up a lot of space as it spreads, also it's not a good idea to plant it too close to the house. When the fruit is falling it attracts ants and fruit flies so it should be cleaned up regularly as the fruit drops and disposed of in your mulch bin or if you have a fire pit or burn area in your yard because it breaks down easily. I use the fire pit because I have a lot of debris due to having a large Oak and a Sable Palm as well that needs to be cleaned out once or twice a year. Well it's almost 5:00 am so I am calling it quits and I am ending this blog on Native and exotic plants. Leave a comment or a question and I will post your answer in the comment section whenever I can and thanks for reading my blogs. By the way that is my cat in the Carambola tree pictured at the bottom and my late father pictured at the top.